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Product name: Marathon Bamboo Socks

Product Description: Heelium’s Marathon socks are the first of its kind athletic socks made of bamboo in India. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial so it prevents odour causing bacteria from growing thereby making the socks Odour-free. It has arch support and cushion pads on heel and ball for impact protection and performance. It’s also more durable, softer and greener alternative to cotton. It doesn’t require any pesticide to grow so does not harm the environment. Goes hand in hand with our philosophy of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Overall the benefits are more than that of any socks of any brand you’ll find in the market.

More Information

 Company website: www.heelium.in

Contact info: To know more about their products, please email info@heelium.in or call at +91 8698001003
Date of product launch: 27th Jan, 2018