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Product Name: Net4Hemo App

Product Description:

It is a platform with a whats-app like interface for registering birth defects and bleeding disorders, and provides community support. The app allows patients to update bleeding incidences to the doctors treating them, hematologists and physiotherapists, helping them maintain accurate records.The doctors receive notification whenever one of their patients reports a bleed. This way, the doctor can administer an appropriate course of treatment without significant delays.The system also allows instant messaging and video consultation through smart phones. The app is available in Marathi, Hindi and English for quick user reference.


Date of product launch: April 2017

Know more: net4hemo video

Product Name: Net4Medix

Product Description

A simple and secure app that is a one stop shop for remote monitoring and consultation by doctors, caregivers, nurses, and patients. The platform supports features such as clear record of past medical history, e-prescriptions, remote follow-up consultations, referrals, lab & pharmacy collaborations.

Date of launch: September 2017


Know more: net4medix video

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Contact Info: For more information, please contact Ms. Veena Moktali at or call at +91-988-123-5459