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Service Name: Small Molecule Target Deconvolution Using Advanced Chemical Proteomics

Drug Target Identification, Biopharmaceutical Characterization, Proteomics and Protein Analysis.

Service Description:

(A). Small molecule target deconvolution: A combination of advance chemical proteomics technologies to identify and validate targets of bioactives/small molecule.

  1. Sub-Cellular Location-Specific (SCLS)
  2. Unique Polymer Technology (UPT)
  3. Traditional Bead and Biotinylation (TBB)
  4. Computational Docking (COMP)

(B). Biopharmaceutical Characterization: Full-length physico-chemical characterization of biotherapeutics to facilitate regulatory submissions of biopharma products.

(C). Proteomics and Protein Analysis: Creating a profile or fingerprint of the protein molecule’s physical, chemical, and biological properties.

  1. Labelled and label-free Protein Mass-Spectrometry
  2. Differential Proteomics
  3. Peptide mass fingerprinting using single and multi-enzyme digestion
  4. MS analysis of intact proteins and peptides

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Contact Info: Please send your enquiries at or call 020-64103918.

Date of Product Launch: May, 2012.