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Swasti Agro & Bioproducts

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Swasti Root Guard

Product Description: This formulation has been developed for soil drenching of vegetables. It prevents damage caused by soil nematodes and fungi.  The formulation has been shown to kill pathogens by contact, paralyze nematodes, and build beneficial microflora.

Swasti Leaf Guard

Product Description: This is an intermediate molecular weight formulation for promoting healthy growth of vegetables along with building disease resistance.  The formulation induces callose synthesis and mimics defense biomolecules produced by the plant leaf surface.

More Information

Website: They also sell a range of other products for disease prevention and promoting healthy growth. You can read more details on the website: http://swastiagro.com/

Contact Info: Please email enquire@swastiagro.com or call at +91-20-24454265

Know more: Swasti Agro was featured on Doordarshan’s hunnarbaaz. You can watch the video here: SwastiAgro